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Nah, they’re still integers.
I tried Nic 1.5 %
and VG at 75.25%
and after updating the recipe, it shows as 2% and 75% respectively.


Try using update now if you can


It helps if I am storing the values as FLOAT and not INT eh…


Awesome ! works like a charm. I’d never have a recipe that needs 75.25% VG, but hey, some nut out there may !
But I am at 1.5% nic, so that helps, and I didn’t want to have to do the math to get there.


Thanks for alerting me to the problem, much appreciated


I agree with woftam!
In order to rate either a flavor or a mix, the ability to rate should require that the user attempting to rate should not only be logged in, but should have the flavor in their stash (complete with a price that’s not 0.00).

I think this would eliminate (in advance) a lot of bullshit ratings by folks that are either fans of the person posting the recipe (who don’t actually mix, or use the site) or folks who are not mixing the recipe exactly as written and are using substitutions, which thereby changes the outcome of the creator’s intent.
YMMV, but that’s my opinion! :wink:


Erm, the recipe has an upvote the flavour has a 5 star rating with averages, I want people who don’t want to use stash be able to rate a flavour, I think it is only fair


I can understand that. It’s quite kind of you.
But then, from my point of view, what’s the point in even rating flavors if it’s open to “John Q. Public”… As then it becomes marginalized to being another" something to “glance at”, but don’t put any weight to it type things (which is how I see ELR’s currently).

Both ratings systems over there are pointless, because the old flavors are so outclassed by modern offerings (generally speaking), and I get better information from folks I trust in the forum.

I dunno, probably best I just button it on this front. As anything other than ratings from people I know and trust don’t really mean dick to me, unless they go into details that I can relate to, and whose experience I share (taste-wise, power-wise, etc).

I think the most useful trait is seeing the percentages used, but I’d like to see (not that it’s easy to accomplish) it divided up into groups (like whether the user is MTL/DL, and then by power: 6-15w, 15-25w, 25-40w, etc.) But that’s just me “pipe-dreaming”. :laughing:

Bottom line, I appreciate you’re doing it.
I’m sorry I can’t suggest something to help on that front!


I really appreciate all comments / thoughts / ideas and all are taken into consideration when I’m coding, I know what your saying about the flavour ratings, the problem is, there are always ways to get around any measures put in place to try to stop abuse.

I like the idea of sections but also what a PITA to code in when we have recipe notes to add that extra info, I don’t want to force the end user to do too much, trying to keep everything simple and accessible.

As we move into Alpha which wont be for a little while yet I will make a new topic for just ideas and then we can all go through them together and see what could work and what could be classed as bloat.

I’m currently at 180 files and around 20,000 lines of code


Oh and ratings and upvotes are for logged in users only


I understand that. But that’s why I was mentioning some things. More from the “end result point of view”.

I was just envisioning a newbie clicking on a single listed flavor, and being to see:

  • the device type
  • the power someone used it at
  • along with the accompanying percentage

A lot of good flavors get short-changed because someone ruins it by vaping at too high a power. Then gives it a shit rating (incorrectly so) because it’s not being used in the range that it’s meant to be.

I frequently see this with flavors that DEMAND lower power, as well as flavors that require higher power before they even start to bloom.

That’s the single largest obstacle in DIY IMO. Doubly so for a new vaper. And I almost never see it addressed when it comes to recommending flavors.

So, to my way of thinking, such an approach to a flavor database would be orders of magnitude more useful. Especially to someone new, but to vets who haven’t considered such, or thought to test for such alike. But yes, colossal task to code, and would only take a couple moments extra to tick off a MTL/DL box, and select one box (out of a range) of offered power usage.

Again, just sharing my ‘thought method’ here. Not trying to detract, distract, or justify. Just trying to explain why I think what I think for those looking at me with the “WTF is he going on about?” look. :laughing: :wink:


Oh, I thought you meant for recipes… Well then…

Ok, so this is something I could add in to comments as selection boxes or as its own section then grab that data to show on the recipe info section, average watts used, device type, atty type etc or have it as a comment of info.

Would that only apply to a single flavour mix though?

EDIT: I need a name for that section, Extra Info or something?



Sorry Grubby, not done with the recipe section just yet !

I like that you added the up/down buttons on the Nic field, BUT

all the up/down buttons should have a min/max set. max=100, min=0
Flavors have a minimum of 0.00, but no maximum.
A recipe is kinda hard to mix with a -21% Nic value !


Question. If I write comments on flavors used in a private recipe, will they appear to the public? I know the rating will.


I agree with @Sprkslfly about attempting to limit abuse and the end result perspective he mentioned. I also agree that people that want to abuse a system will always find a way.

With flavor ratings what I’ve seen time after time are flavors that get rated with 5 stars before they get in the hands of mixers. One Drop Flavors comes to mind but there are others. People cut and pasted descriptions from the website and rated them five stars. If I want to read the manufacturers hype I can go to the website instead of reading parroted junk for every flavor to be released. 5 stars, and now people are giving them away.

I think log in and some method to prevent using a forum to hype a product is necessary. I think having to mix with a flavor before rating it is not too much to ask. This crap ranks second on my long list of things that piss me off about forums.


That’s the adapt page right? Should be set already on create and update


Flavours in general are public


You will need to be logged in to rate / upvote / comment on recipes and flavours


I could have a private comment checkbox on flavours that you can view from your (not made yet) user page