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Array ( [0] => Array ( [flavour_rating_rating] => 3 ) [1] => Array ( [flavour_rating_rating] => 4 ) )

Yup but it only shows 1 star (i rated it a 4 ) i also dont have it in my stash if that changes anything


It shows 3 stars now…

I need more clicks… It’s saying the average is 4 from 2 votes (3 & 4)…


Your userid didnt go in… let me check it


Are you logged in??


sorry i wasnt when i rated


Array ( [0] => Array ( [flavour_rating_rating] => 4 ) [1] => Array ( [flavour_rating_rating] => 5 ) [2] => Array ( [flavour_rating_rating] => 4 ) )

now logged in and re rated (sorry to throw the numbers lol)


All good, I removed the last one, so what do you think?


Ya good. I assume you will restrict the ability to rate to logged in and in stash?


Yeah you will only be able to rate when logged in, what do you mean about the stash?


Ah your av rating is showing the last array number


Well if you dont have it in your stash can you still get to the rating page and rate it?


Yeah you can still rate it, this is for the flavours pages


Yeah the average is F’d :laughing: I’ll fix it now


Not sure it would be an issue, except by some asshat being an asshat just for the sake of it, but if you dont have the flav in your stash should you be able to rate it?


Yeah not everyone will use the stash but will have used flavours and want to rate them


I think thats working now…

The sum of all ratings / the number of ratings = average


What do you want to see on the flavour pages???


I have to say I do like the layout (including the tabs) that atf has but the sortable list/notes/affinity that elr has so kind of a mash up of both of them


Its going to be difficult to do with so little data but I have an idea


Ok, so far so good, seems to be coming on how I want it… What do you think ?