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I probably use more FA custard than any other. But it is very different. That little bit of lemon can boost fruits and i like being able to add whatever vanilla I want. I think its the vanilla in Cap and TFA stuff that triggers that foul taste, but have never been able to pinpoint it.


I think I know the taste you mean, if only I could capture the taste of that old stuff and send it to you, it really is the best


I can only speculate about what is happening but know that it does not mix with VG very well. You may be winding up with a weak remainder or it may be the opposite, a really concentrated dab of flavor. IMO 'steeping is nothing more than dispersion of the flavors at the micron level. And as the owner of Flavourart said, the flavors are constantly separating from the VG. If I could stand the taste of it I would add an emulsifier to VC and see what happened. Inawera is ready within days with conventional methods where Cap can take months to mature.

I have a bottle of VC1 I mixed over a year ago and tastes as nasty to me as when I mixed it.:rofl:


One thing I did observe is that the liquid is thinner so my guess is the VG has degraded?? Deteriorated? Evaporated? :thinking:


I would call it homogenized where all particle sizes are the same. This is why I homogenize my PG/Vg mix before I add flavors. It reduces the particles sizes to the same and slams them together under some high mechanical force. It thins it, then the flavoring mix and penetrate or disperse. I do this at 60C. I have had good results with stirrers doing it the same way. If your line voltage was the same in the UK I would send you a mag stirrer that I have just collecting dust.


That’s a shame, I almost forgot about VM for a sec there…

I’m trying an air degradation method to see if it improves the flavour or not, so far it’s been pretty good, off gassing I think it’s called, seems to help remove the “ripe” taste I get

Edit: thanks for the offer


Let us know how that works out. @Sprkslfly uses an ultrasonic cleaner which works for degassing and mixing. He wrote some about it in the methodology section. I use a USC for my final stage after running the homogenizer. I think Ogre does the same. It removes all air bubbles within minutes yet nothing escapes the bottles. Using vacuum to remove gasses may also suck your flavors out of the mix. Don’t know, but even with a stirrer I used a closed container. Interesting.

Edit: You’re welcome. You would have to use a step down transformer but even then IRC your electrical system is 50hz vs ours at 60 Hz. Not a good idea with (some) motors.


You could be onto something there. When I SF tested Cap French Vanilla (I think it was) I had an instant ‘Ah-Hah’ moment, and was like “*So This is the primary component in VC v1”!!

It’s VC v1 without the custard notes IMO.
(going from memory here, but it should be in my ELR flavor notes)


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BETA Phase 3

After a lot of debugging and helpful info being passed by you guys we have entered BETA phase 3, this means I need as many people as possible to use the recipe side for at least 1 week and report any issues you find, I’ll be watching my end for any errors or problems too.

I have removed all recipes due to recoding the way the amount of flavours used are calculated, everytime you enter a recipe it should update the total.

You can use the calculator offline now, you just can’t save the recipe, although you should still be able to copy the flavour %'s out if you want.

Thanks, let me know how it goes :smile:


Testing dynamic titles and descriptions





Close one :grin:. I was just about to add one.


Share your recipes properly, using Notes as the description

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Hopefully it will continue to work now…


Thanks Grubby,
For recipe flavors, you can go to hundredths of a percent (0.01%), but for nic, you can only use integers.
Can you tweak it so nic levels can also be at least a tenth of a percent (0.1%) ?

My first test recipe, I couldn’t use 1.5% nic, and it wanted me to use 1 or 2%.

edit: now I can enter the value 1.5%, but on updating the recipe, it rounds it up to 2%.
edit: same with VG & PG, it rounds up / down to an integer.


They should all be floats… I’ll take a look


Should be fixed now, let me know if you have any more problems, thanks for reporting :smile:


If anyone is about and can select a rating here:

I would appreciate it