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I don’t think it will change it much at all, if any…believe me, I am not a big stickler for being exact on the weight when I mix, as long as it’s close, because I don’t think it will make a significant difference in the flavor. My main goal in asking the question was to bring the difference to your attention, and because I was curious why there was a difference in the first place, but I really don’t have a problem with it, nor do I think it will really matter in the end. Thanks for checking it out! It will not deter me from using the VC calculator!


Thanks for bringing it up, if there are any major discrepancies in the calculations I will code to fix it.

Loving the feedback so far and all the help from you lot, much appreciated! :smile:


What do we think about recipe comments? I’m coding them in today hopefully.

And if you haven’t seen the change log I added a nod to the original recipe when you use the “save this” button :wink:


I have always liked having a comments section on recipes! It’s helpful to the creator and the person who is trying to make it if they have questions.


I agree that they are helpful. However, I hope you maintain the up-vote system rather than the rating stuff. To me, the star rating system breeds trouble and resentment and serves no legitimate purpose other than for those that want their “internet fame.”


Very well stated @mrpipes! I hate the stars rating system…up-votes are much better imho!


Yep, that is all we need I think :smile:


Added recipe comments, will work on them a little later on


Interestingly this is recipe 101…


Seems like it’s missing something to me… :laughing:




Isn’t the up-vote the same/similar thing ?
for example:
Mixer A creates recipe “A1”
All 2000 of Mixer A’s friends upvotes that 1 recipe.

Wouldn’t we still fall into the same trap, or am I looking at it wrong ?


Sure that could happen, but that means 2000 forum members… :wink:

Basically you can’t trounce someone elses recipe, if you don’t like it, you don’t upvote it, if someone gets 500 upvotes then thats what they get :man_shrugging:

If you are able to downvote a recipe you could push it down the ranks, here you can’t do anything to effect the rank / vote negatively


I have now loaded my flavor stash with 248 flavors. Due to changes I did have some problems but Grubby did a great job solving them. Problems are to be expected with something so new and very different.
I think everyone will enjoy the features. For example, your flavors can be separated alphabetically by vendor which is what I think will definitely be my preference. Use the arrows and there are several other sorting possibilities. Very nice. Anyone that wants to view my flavor stash is welcome:


What do you think of the CAP vanilla custard V2?


I’m hoping to add links to the stash flavours direct to the flavour information section so you can see what others think of them


The “what can I make” part is going to be fun to code :confounded:


Same as V1 plus dirty socks. I can’t use either for myself but do mix it for a friend. He likes the V1 much better. I don’t think I’ve ever used it higher than 6%. Its odd, I use the other brands and like them especially FLV and Purilum VC. Some chemical that triggers a nasty taste to me.


Vanilla custard V1 always tastes “ripe” until I find a small drop in an old bottle then its a really rich creamy custard that I want more of