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Ok, so some of you know that I’ve been working on a recipe calculator, although not ready to be fully used yet I would like to bring it in the spotlight to get some feedback from the community.

Note: You will be using discourse to login but I then store some credentials, NOT passwords to use on the calc site.

I’ve been busy cleaning up the code and adding new features, some are not really visible in the screenshots but some are.

  • Upvote Recipes - Upvote a recipe from the recipe view screen or from the public recipe list (1 vote per recipe, per person)
  • Edit Recipe- Improved the edit code to hold ALL values, including Max VG
  • Create Recipe - Improved the math to make recipe calculations more accurate
  • A ton of visual improvements
  • Better separation of the individual sections
  • Added a way to store base values (not fully implemented yet)

Big thanks to @woftam For compiling the ultimate flavour list :tada:

You can now test this but please observe the warning. Thanks!


I am aware that there is a problem atm with the way Discourse sends the avatar URL, I will manually fix it in the DB or set up a regex to remove the extra url parameters.


Flavour Select screen for stash… :thinking:


And the whole screen, this is just for Amoretti…


Recipe Base Defaults - Added the ability to save your base values as defaults when saving a recipe.


@trust_level_2 @trust_level_3 If you want to add some recipes into the database and have a general click around, please do, please report any bugs / issues you come across and also feel welcome to make suggestions, thanks!


I’ve moved this topic to Resources so you can reply.
For those that tried and ran into problems, it should be working now.


  • Float calculations
  • Recipe calculations should be accurate now
  • Avatar will default if you don’t have one (still a problem with discourse SSO avatar URL, manually fixing atm)
  • Build a base from recipe create
  • Set default base values when creating a recipe
  • Working on a “Save This” button only shown on recipes not owned by you
  • Upvotes now work as intended
  • Some minor bug fixes

Give it a go and leave your feedback here


I tried creating a recipe but it wouldn’t save. Not sure if it’s my crappy service or if there was an error.(?) Also there are a couple flavors I couldn’t find. Citrus punch (Mt dew) TPA and sour TPA. Did inawera change names to great lakes?


Should be working now fella, had some “problems” the db has over 10k flavours in courtesy of @woftam :tada:


Like always, you the man! And a huge thanks to woftam for his hard work. I’m pretty excited about this part of the forum. I’ll try again here in a few.


No. But I have seen other companies jumping on the “Shisha” bandwagon since Ina has made it a household name in DIY. :wink:

@Grubby I was able to add flavors without issue, and the numbers look good (in the single test I’ve run so far). Will have to play with it more later!

Ina Shisha still wasn’t coming up before I added mine below (didn’t check to see afterwards though.


Numbers should be slightly more accurate than another calculator by around 0.4 :laughing:


I have been having a little look at the calculator, and wonder whether there is an option to import my flavour stash from “another” calculator?


Not yet, it is something I am going to look into, I would need to know where it is coming from first, it might be, that I have to import it.


That would be from ELR


Still won’t let me save :thinking: On the plus side, I have that recipe memorized now :crazy_face: lol


Ok, I’ll look into it tomorrow, would be good to be able to do that


Thanks @Grubby it will be interesting to see how this progresses.
I am also using Juice Calculator off ECF, mainly as it’s an off-line calculator, which to me is important.


Are you still logged in, click the home button, I think it’s a 1 hour cookie


The flavor stash is a very cool way to select, but is there a way to make the little yes/no slider a bit bigger and/or click the flavor name to turn it on/off ? Wait no, don’t click the flavor name, because it would be nice to click the flavor name to add our personal notes to each flavor (personal notes AND public notes)
I think having personal / public notes would be “better”.
That way we don’t have the same notes for every flavor that new users copy/paste and have issues.