Vape Mail! 2018


@woftam, where did you get that L.E. Legend ?? The blue looks right up my alley.


It only comes in a kit form with the alpha tank - 3a are the cheapest i have found (mind you I didn’t pay the $95 they have it for apply for a wholesale account and it is $48)


Thanks a lot @woftam. Looks like Ember is the only one left.


Have them as well Aqua is the blue one



Yup I just double checked ya the le is that one and that is not a bad price at all - the wholesale is around 45-48 (obviously they buy better than I do )


Going to flip a coin between the L.E. Blue or Red, I can’t decide !!!


The colour change ones are nice too


VaporDNA has them in stock.


Thanks @Jim22 and @woftam.


On Monday I placed 2 orders. One from Nic River for “if you want to use it buy it now” flavoring and later I ordered from BCV which was delivered today. (Wednesday) What a great company to deal with. NR hasn’t even processed my order yet.


Had to look up Nanaimo bars, glad I did :drooling_face:



I haven’t tried it yet but if its like the real thing I’m in. :yum:


Present for myself. Aegis Legend Limited Edition Midnight Blue.



So far you are spot on with this Crown 4, got it right before Xmas and have been vaping it with the mesh coil ever since. Haven’t tried the coils it comes with but the mesh coil it is a tasty tank.

Got the Thor Pro mod the same day, have only used in in power mode thus far but for $23 on the aliexpress app I am happy, if it was double the price maybe not as much. The battery door moves around more than I like but feels comfortable in the hand and battery life has been great. Only briefly tried TC and it was OK with a single coil build in the Bellerophon, stopped any dry hits at 430f but it was a half tank, still need to try more builds.

I do think it looks cool, got the History version but that loose battery door does bug me. Not like the battery door is gonna fall off but is just not fitted well so you can feel to it move around in your hand easily.


The QP website says the next Kali V2 batch is coming in January. I wish they had pre-order. Gas City has the original version on sale as well as sales on everything today only I think.


The original is pretty good, what did they change in the V2?


Not sure mate I only have the v2.

@Jim22 that price is better than the wholesale price I can get.


Looks like the build deck is the same, just more top cap options included and a signature drip tip.

I wish the JK Mini was in stock, good price and the only qp product I don’t have.


As long as there’s no glass…