USA - PTMA advice

This is just info pulled from yet another place, but I felt it would be good to share it here, and get a discussion going, for what is about to happen.

One could blame the gov, and all the abc organizations, or the clash of involving more than 2 people on websites with different ideas and personalities… human nature, not at it’s finest. However, this is what we are dealt with… it is up to us yet again, to keep vaping going.

The pmta will not affect diy yet. Base, flavors, nicotine… bottles, wicking, coils, and batteries…

The nic tax will and if you are smart…

You’d gather up as many supplies and nic as possible, not just for yourself, but a few newbie vapers. Teach them how to make a mod… drippers and atties will be harder… but there will be an underground market.

A few companies (Smok, vaperesso for starts, if we can pull in other manufactures, the more, the better!! Are you listening, China!!) will last about another year, and prices for those bits of equipment will start out a bit higher, but as the competition rolls thru, the prices will drop a bit… not much but a bit. You will have to know someone that knows someone. Mod makers now is your chance to shine… step up. Figure out how to make tanks and drippers!

I have been thinking of so many ways to turn the tide… but it’s like being in a rip zone, and that is something one just can not fight unless you know the angles. Keep thinking and tossing out ideas is going to be the solution. If anyone else has any “fight” left in them.

I figure you all have it in you to do the right thing. Vaping is truly a grass-root deal… and they can not fight us all.

I do believe for Labor Day we will see a ton of sales on all of the sites…
Grab what you can!!!

This is just a collection of ideas, of ways to help what is known to be coming… We knew this since 2009 and for sure, in 2016… I do believe, if the USA is doing this, it eventually will catch on around the globe.
Buckle up buttercups… the ride will not be what we all want.

If you have any ideas or want to express how you feel, let’s start a good discussion on this. :slight_smile:
We have less than a month now. Time to get moving!


Good luck my American friends, what they are doing is wrong IMO but what can you do? :man_shrugging:


The biggest black market is about to explode, Grubby…
Not many will want to give up vaping, and those smokers that wish they could stop… will be out in the cold, unless us vapers step up. I guess time will tell.


yesterday, I went to bed early just depressed over this, at this point not much we can really do about this except prepare ourselves. It is a shame that we have come to this as a country. I decided today, I am going to keep moving forward, and keep a positive outlook, because we can only do what we can do as individuals, and hopefully unite as a community and help others with needs.
Peace & love


I have a suggestion. Pretend like tomorrow you will not be able to buy a single mod or atomizer. You have precisely 4 hours left before the hammer drops to put in your order. What, do you start searching the sites, buying up anything you can? What does the junk drawer look like? You got some perfectly good attys collecting dust just because you stopped using them when “something better” came along? I’m talking to me here

Here’s my view. So long as PTMA is in place, China will be the only place to buy new equipment from. Not sure how hard or easy that will be, but let’s face it, China makes a lot of junk. Many of you know I said goodbye to China recently for any mods at all. Their clones are horrible, mods and attys alike, the finish on their mods has a very short lifespan, and the electronics are sketchy AF. Hence the reason I chose to purchase some top shelf mechanicals. Really I only got two - an El Thunder and a Rogue. These are built so well and there’s not much about them to break or go bad. The El Thunder switch is probably the weakest component between the two mods, but I’m certain the crafty individual can fashion a new one. Point is - squonking, adjustable volts/wattage, temp control - they’re all great and so forth, but are they necessary? Emphatically hell no. So even if you only had 1 good mech mod, there’s so little chance of failure with these devices that they are virtually government proof.

So for me, I look at what equipment I do have and try to imagine my future 5-10 years from now, assuming I still vape, and I really believe in terms of mods and toppers, I’m ok. So no, I wouldn’t make a mad dash to spend money on equipment due to PTMA, and especially not Chinese stuff.

If people can reach that point - and more preferably without dropping a lot of money - it will not take so long at all for the black market to fill in the gaps. And then we can all look forward to innovation born by necessity.


The problem with driving things underground is that you’re susceptible to buying dirty and shit juice from someone who mixes it in their ‘clean room’ (damp cellar shared with several pet reptiles and half a dozen wild rodents) not to mention ‘home crafted’ devices.

It’s an unbelievably shit and unjust idea.

If anyone ever gets completely stuck for anything give me a shout, I may be able to help in some way, Like @SthrnMixer, I too have many a drawer full of the last ‘next best things’ :+1:


This is true. I know for myself, my juice will all be made right here. Only concern is equipment. I guess it’s easy to forget when you’ve been vaping since day 1 that not everyone knows the difference between good/bad, safe/unsafe equipment. Then again, there’s plenty of both currently available apart from any black market as it is, so the Darwin Award for 2020 may still go to a pre-PTMA person. :laughing:


One of the main issues tho I think people are not seeing is that from 2009… till now…
We get those pretty pictures of what is coming in the mail today… yes?
The fact the USPS is never in the black and always in the red… needs restructuring etc…
In fact… it is what is holding up a second round of “stimulating stimulus” payments to those that really are in need of help.

With that being said tho…

here is Inactive Association

they are trying to make sure no vape items are sent… unless it is back to a manufacture or from a manufacture that is on “the approved list” to be mailing vape products.

I do not think they will succeed in this… as even when the ban hit in 2009… it was more of a 50/50 it would slide thru… I could be wrong… but I do advise everyone to stay in close contact with anyone that manufactures or makes mods atties and tanks. :slight_smile:

@SthrnMixer… that is exactly what I am doing too…
I have enough equipment, at least for me, and some spares to pass along… My biggest worry and it’s not even a worry… is the nic tax… I dropped to zero a few times early this year and screwed me up using nic again… Not once but a few times. I am now back to 3mg again, feeling better… but I know… sometimes there is nothing like a hit of nic to calm things down. So…

I want to make sure I have at least a gallon in my freezer… and until I take it out… the countdown won’t start.

Other than that… it’s more of a keep an eye out for your fellow (ette) vapers or soon to be vaper, and just lend a hand with what you can help with.

Who knows, maybe it might be pushed back… They were talking about a separate agency for us at one time. Time will only tell. Revenew is needed, not this bs.


Wait, who told ??? !!!

Backing up your shit, is NEVER a bad idea. Great posts thus far.



Incoming list Ty lmao


@Rocky02852 what is this list you posted? Is there a link?


Info from a blogger named Dr. Derek Beachamp, Avomeen’s Senior Technical Director of Analytical Sciences. His PMTA regulatory pathway expertise has been featured in industry publications including Vapor Voice and Smoke & Vape Business Solutions.
Here’s a link to the entire blog:


Thank you for that @Rocky02852


I received this Today from ,
(Actually received it Thursday, but I’m slow at checking my mail :stuck_out_tongue:)


To be honest, I saw this coming all along. There are numerous groups asking people to call your congressman, call the White House, etc. I don’t want to tell people not to do that, but do I think anyone on the other end is actually listening? No, I dont.

I strongly feel the only way anyone will hear us is if there are public demonsrations in every major city in the US. And even then, the propaganda that has been spread over the years has even smart people brainwashed. My brother scored in the 99th percentile on every aptitude test he ever took, and about 5 months ago we got into an arguement about vaping. And he hates the government more than I do.

I have had similar discussions with others where it blew my mind how strongly they felt vaping is bad for you. People I respect for not being complete sheep. No matter what evidence I threw at them, they firmly believed vaping is just as bad as cigs.

So I don’t know what else that can be done at this point. It’s either roll over and take it or get more vocal in probably the only place anyone will hear. Because even with all the vaping advocacy organizations out there, the government isn’t stopping with their agendas.


Yeah I’ve had the same discussions with non vapers (including my wife who’s a non vaper / smoker) as I’m sure every other Vaper has.
Even though it’s a shit show for sure, I don’t think it’s gonna be as bad for DIY as some are fearing at first, the eventual Taxation of Nic (and possibly eventual inability to obtain it ) Is gonna suck, that’s why I’ve stocked up. But for the non DIY vapers it’s back to cigs, and that’s a shame. The gov just doesn’t get it, or care


I think they get it. They are systematically chipping away at this alternative. They tried banning it altogether years ago, and were sued, and lost. So now they are going to do it piece by piece. I don’t think we will see a nicotine ban. But they will regulate us down to a ridiculously low level of nic content per ml, then tax the hell out of it. If that doesn’t get them what they want, they will raise the tax on it. That’s what I think will happen anyway. So yeah, I will be stocking up on nicotine, maybe a couple mechs, and a couple RDA’s.


I think it stinks badly… but since 2009, everyone knew it… they have had time to prep.
What will hurt is no new vapers… and no new equipment.

Can’t continue on without either.

Do I think vaping will die? No… this is a thin the “herd” / shrink the demand" so they can bring out other things… Watch.


I seen the writing on the walls long time ago and being a 5th generation horder😁 i made sure I was stocked up on things that could possibly disappear or be taxed out if existence. Like my wifed ADV flavorings certain flavorings I use consistently, several back up mods and attys and back up mods and attys for the backups. Ive been purchasing nic in bulk and decanting into 60ml bottles, topping those off with an inert gas, vacuum sealing those and putting them in a small consistant temp commercial freezer i purchased off of eBay several years ago.

I knew this day would come and I didn’t want to be the one to run out of a key component to my liquids. I just hope thigs get sorted and we don’t have to pay some ungodly amount for a litter of nic when what we have in hand gets depleted.

I do know that my recipe development will take a drastic slow down and just spend the time perfecting the ones I have already.

This is a time for us as a community to stick strongly together and we will be alright. Much love and respect :metal::sunglasses::metal: