Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


Flavour Muting, there are a lot of factors but I’m sure one of the major ones is airing your e-liquid (flavour evaporation?), especially for fruitier flavours as they are more volatile then the custards / creams.

I also think some flavours just become “watered” down when you mix with them.

A great example here is (CAP) Sweet Strawberry


Makes sense, especially for ones with higher alcohol that easily gasses out. Nice one.


I don’t want or intend to fight with anyone. I was going to delete the entire post but too late. I did revise it and do not want to rile or offend anyone. That’s certainly not what I am here for.

In my opinion there are too many causes for what gets pigeonholed into “muting.” If someone can offer a reason such as chemical A was used with chemical B in a quantity that caused an undesirable effect, then if I can validate that by comparing published data I will give it its due.


I know, and I didn’t intend to imply that you are spoiling for a fight. Just making sure our pleats stay flattened.

And again with this, I am very interested in why things are what they are, and always ready to read something that will help me in my, wait for it… methodology. Boom, full circle.


Fair point.
To clarify my POV though, two different reasons, but the same result. If one gets to the point of not being able to taste it (excluding losing flavor to poor methodology), then I’ve (possibly incorrectly) always viewed it as muting.
(Be it over-saturated sensory receptors, or EM). :wink:

The merge request was because of the perceived shift in topic to WF. No problem leaving it though if that’s what’s preferred! (Didn’t mean the two should be merged into one. Just thought the flavor results posts would be better in the other one. Sorry)


I’ve slept on this. I was inappropriately critical and for that I apologize. My intent was to keep the new thread within a discussion of specific Wonder Flavors products and not go off into a theoretical cause of flavor muting. I do think that is a separate topic so I’ll attempt to start a thread.


Lashed out an bought the hot plate with temp control via temp probe.


Pretty nice!!! I like.