Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


I just saw where BCV just added some more of their flavors. Some are on your list. Yeah, what a deal. I’ve been using WF a lot at 5$ a pop. But I think they’re worth it. The only drawback is that some have sucralose, particularly their candy flavors. I don’t care for that but haven’t seen anyone complain about gunking.


I’ll have no problems paying for them like a regular joe when I determine which ones are winners. That’s not a bad price if they are good. Hell, MF is $22 an ounce.

Likely due to low %, I would hope anyway. I am not a Sucralose fan, but only because of the gunking. Again, we shall see…


I’m really curious if the gushy fruit has a gummy candy mouthfeel…looking forward to your notes


Yeah, you can kinda see that the first 20 is littered with ones that end in “Candy”. Made the mistake of letting the wife choose which ones she was most eager to try, and that’s pretty much all of those.

With the exception of Pumpkin Candy- that was all mine. I’m dying for a real candy corn vape, have been since day one.

And does anyone know Chews Candy? Smells like Starburst, which is a profile the wife has longed for as long as I’ve been hunting for candy corn…


I did too (because it sounded interesting) @Phil_Fish. Until now, since I found out that it has coconut… lol


cough $44/oz
(30ml = 1oz) :wink:


OK, maybe I did something wrong? All done, 5 hours, cooled completely… First I tried is Sour Ball Candy since it’s supposed to be a real popper… almost no flavor? Wondering if I’ve erred somewhere or somehow. Followed the same procedure as last time. Used it at 2%. Very bland, light, almost undetectable? Geez I hope I didn’t get a bunch of lame dead samples.


I think it may act differently when added to fruit or candy flavors. I’ve added it to fruits and got a good effect but never mixed it alone. Website describes it as a base and the reviews are good, but all use it as an additive. Too early to tell and I shouldn’t have said that.


Have you tried any of the others? @Phil_Fish


How are some of the others? All weak? I think they recommend up to 4% for single flavor testing.


Have to try others still.


OK, just got fresh cotton in the Dead Rabbit… Which one dare I try next?


Anything but Pixie Stick . Its another additive. I mix with Grape Soda and think its good but by itself i don’t know. :sweat_smile:


Ohh oohhh try the banoffee pie!!! Lol


How is the pixie stick? True to it’s name? I would love a replacement for tfa sweet n tart lol that’s what I currently use for a pixie stick type flavor


I did, even before I read that. This one has flavor. It’s good… smooth, sweet, rich maybe. I like this one. Wife did Chews Candy and it is also very faint. If the 3M DIY is not at fault, some of these are weaker than I hoped.


I’ve never used the TFA so can’t say. Reviews say this is similar but much better. I like it with the Grape I use. (Purilum Grape Soda) I forget my percentages (not home) but I think 6% Pur and 1% WF though I may have gone higher with the WF. I just ventured into the candy mixes so I’ll have to play around. I’m diabetic, so I cant say what they are even supposed to taste like. Sweet has been out for me for a long time.


I don’t think the method is at fault. The one’s I have never struck me as very potent- good but not particularly strong. I test @3% and have gone up to 4 with some. I’m just speculating, but with these WF flavors a recipe needs to be at least 5 or 6% to deliver the kind of flavor strength I like. The method worked with your known recipes so I lean towards it being the flavors rather than the method. If I recall you made 12 and I haven’t seen you report any problems.


FWIW I have been using sour ball candy more as an additive with a few other helpers
Hers is a really simple one that sells well

Pucker Face (FINAL)

Ingredient %
Fizzy Sherbet (VTA) 1.50
Lemon (FE) 2.00
Natural citric acid (100mg/mL) 0.25
Natural malic acid (300mg/mL) 0.75
Sour Ball Candy (SC) (WF) 2.00

Flavor total: 6.5%

Not sure if you have em over there or not but the goal was (no cooling since I don’t really like the taste but it could be added for full effect)



I do feel better about them, thanks. Just have to separate the balls from the strikes.