Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


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Well… Just tossing things out as they came to me as I read.

In regards to thinning mixes, I never read it as them using EA. So it interesting to see the difference in interpretation (regardless of reason)! When I read most of those posts, I always did an internal auto-translation of PGA (pure grain alcohol), which I automatically put down as being Everclear (last I knew [years ago] was 180proof).

Now, I never previously had cause or interest to think about the type of alcohol (ethyl or otherwise), but I would think that due to processing methods (fermentation, extraction, or otherwise) the types of alcohol would be different. EG: wines always give me a headache, vodka always makes me sick, bourbon tends to lend to being prone to “agitation”, and scotch lends to a pleasant state of relaxation. (All in levels of moderation, not referring to the point of overindulgence.) Not scientific in the least, but with a laymen’s understanding, lends me to think that the type (in whatever sense) makes a difference.

With that said, it would definitely be a point of enlightenment for me, to realize (or gain a new understanding) that they’re all ethyl alcohol. So that would be the first thing I’d want to look at.

I also am reminded of cooking… Where some methods retain the flavor of the alcohol, and others dissipate it (to allow the flavor within the alcohol to become the final “leading note”, with little to no trace of alcohol being perceived).

I have no present clear understanding, but this is what comes to mind as I read the discussion, at present. :wink:


Not at all bud!! I’m appreciative of the exchange as well, and there’s no “concern” over ‘order of input’ here! :wink:


[quote="Sprkslfly, post:223, topic:1005"it would definitely be a point of enlightenment for me, to realize (or gain a new understanding) that they’re all ethyl alcohol. So that would be the first thing I’d want to look at.

OK. From Wikipedia:

Ethanol , also called alcohol , ethyl alcohol , grain alcohol , and drinking alcohol , is a chemical compound, a simple alcohol with the chemical formula C
2H 5OH. Its formula can be also written as CH3−CH2−OH or C2H
5−OH (an ethyl group linked to a hydroxyl group), and is often abbreviated as EtOH . Ethanol is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid with a slight characteristic odor. It is a psychoactive substance and is the principal type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks.


Don’t know why your quote didn’t show up right but it likely the dumbass with the keyboards fault.:grin:

I read MSDS data for these products and the CAS references point to EA at various percentages (proofs). But there are DIY methods for max VG recipes that do say PGA or everclear and some others recommend 100 proof vodka. Alcohol is also a good solvent and used for extracting. See It is also hygroscopic and miscible with water. VG is 2 to 3% water.

Pure alcohol has a dangerous flashpoint at around 68F, less than average room temperature. That is strike one for me. If it is evaporating in its pure form, I want no part of it in a medium to high concentration. I have brush type motors in some of my equipment and in the room I mix in. Some have warning labels attached.

Another aspect is the taste of the final mix. It seems to me that those that attempt to use EA as a replacement for PG will wind up with a different taste/aroma than if using standard PG to dissolve flavorings. One company formulated and reformulated change after change and is now making vape products with a PG base. Personally, I think that speaks for itself. I have noted in the past that even this company recommended 140F/60C when mixing their products.

I also think that a lot of meaningless “steep” jargon was created in order to promote those products. I dumped a shitload of them.

Bottom line is that I think EA is fine when used in the creation of a flavoring but I don’t think it is a suitable substitute for PG in a final mix. I also don’t see how the end result could be the same or how it could combine with flavors using PG as a solvent. I think weird shit would happen, and it did for me.

Does it gas off (evaporate) in pure form. I don’t know but I think it does. Is this safe for usage around a Sous Vide motor, I don’t know. It would depend on the concentration.


Thought provoking, and informative as always bud! :smiley:


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In keeping with the Sous Vide theme of the thread, I put another chuck roast in the SV yesterday, going for 30 hours at 54C this time to see how it goes.


30 hours?
30 hours?!?


I chickened out and took it out after 28. Should have left it. It was still really good though! Liking this SV thingy.


We shall see…


The first 20 are in the SV now. Giving them the same treatment as the last test. 60c for about 5 hours with trips to the USC in between.

|1|Blackcherry Jelly Bean|
|3|Banoffee Pie|
|4|Milk Caramel Candy|
|5|Lemon Lime Soda|
|6|Nanaimo Bar|
|7|Pumpkin Candy|
|8|Cola Gummy Candy|
|9|Candy Stick Candy|
|10|Banana Candy|
|11|Sour Gummy Candy|
|12|Sour Ball Candy|
|13|Pixie Stick Candy|
|14|Gushy Fruit Candy|
|15|Chews Candy|
|16|Gummy Worm Candy|
|17|Carrot Cake|
|18|Dweeb Candy|
|19|Strawberry Milk|
|20|Champagne Soda|


I only have 3 on your list.- Nanaimo, Sour Ball, and Pixie Stick. The sour ball is potent so get ready to pucker up.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s awesome to hear. I’ve wanted a puckerer for forever. How about Nanaimo Bar; that’s one I have high hopes for profile-wise…


People compare it to FLV Chocolate Deutsch. I see some similarity but don’t really get that. It is not as strong. The chocolate is lighter and smoother. I get chocolate, butter cream and coconut all pretty balanced. I like this flavor a lot. Looking forward to hearing your notes on these.


Thanks to you, it won’t be long before I get to make some notes.

And thanks to @woftam for pointing out the sampler pack. As I’ve found them priced on Bull City, it adds up to around $510 if the same number and sizes were purchased there as a direct consumer. Kinda hard to believe.