Somebody give me CPR! It's the big one Elizabeth!

DJLsb just subscribed to my YouTube channel.


Gonna send five copies to my mother!

I am so unworthy!

Oh shit, what if he tells me I suck?

Oh the pressure!!!


That is awesome mate. You will have the vape world at your feet in no time.


:crazy_face: OMG no! I think my subscribers are in single digits, lmao. That’s just crazy. I will say this, he is one humble guy to do that. Now I can claim a few close encounters with celebs. I have talked to Ted Nugent and gotten his permission to play one of his songs. I’ve met Mark Farner when we opened for him. I met the Three Tops in a buffet line and had a ball talking with them. I have chatted with Mooch. I have “chatted” with Pugs, and Mjag, here. More than any Ogre could hope for!


I’m going to bed. I’m blushing now and Ogre’s don’t blush.


Great. Now I’m gonna have Dr. Hook on the brain for the next couple hours… lol

Congrats :wink: chuckles and grins


That is so cool my friend, DJ recognizes talent :+1:


Whoop! Congratulations @SmilingOgre - super cool! :sunglasses::tada::smiley::+1::hugs:


Do we have to make an appointment to chat with you now that you are famous? :joy:


He’s clearly threatened by your rising popularity brother.

I’m thinking major Steamteam collaborations to finally rid the world of these so called ‘vape celebrities’…

Complete and catastrophic global take over…what you sayin Ogre :smiling_imp:


Stay tuned for the next episode of:

Steam Team Rises!


Despicable Us!


Congratulations man, that’s fantastic news. I agree with @Steampugs in getting rid of the so called celebrity reviewers, although my method of choice for doing that wouldn’t be considered legal.


Gonna see my smilin face on the cover of the Rollin Fog!


Who is DJLsb? Sorry, I know that must sound like heresy to you review types…

But regardless, it seems to be quite an accomplishment so congrats, Ogre! Don’t get too excited and eat him.


I know right? I had a girlfriend once.

This is totally opinion. I think DJ is the best video reviewer out there. He is thorough and very technical. He may just be a good actor, but I sense that he is honest and truly dedicated to helping filter out the BS in vaping products. He misses things on occasion but I really believe he puts forth due diligence. I’ve seen him proclaim a product “crap” and toss it in the trash can. I can pretty well bet if he says a unit will perform in a certain way, it will. I also have a similar background to his although mine is pretty much antiquated, so there is connectivity there. If one of the written reviewers here agree with his assessment, that product is on my green light list.


I am with you, I stand with the Ogre!

DJ is one of the few YT reviewers who vapes and knows how to work TC, your included in that list too my Ogre brother. Pbrusardo knows TC too but who has time to watch his looooong vids. For the tech knowledge the 3 of you are safe bets to get it right.

DJ is a hell of a nice guy too, got a chance to talk with him a couple of years ago at a vape show. Both my friend and I came away impressed at how cool he was.


I would really love to meet him. It was my bet that he was a really nice guy. I think Pbrusardo knows his stuff. But yes, he rambles. There is also something about his personality that I just don’t bond with. I get this vibe of a teaspoon of narcissism, a half cup of cynicism, four shakes of I’m bored, and a pinch of something else I can’t put my finger on.


I have heard Ted Nugent is a piece of shit
perving over young girls etc

News to me. No idea. Haven’t hung out with him.

Congrats Ogre! You’re going HOLLYWOOD! I think DJLsb just moved to the Detroit area. You might be hanging out sooner than you think.


That would be something for sure. I had it in my head he moved to California but I like the Detroit area idea!!

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