Rocky needs a New Mod for XMAS 😍

Ok so my Lady was asking me today what I want for Christmas, I know it’s kind off early to start thinking of that (for me anyways) but damn she’s already got half her shopping done🤷‍♂️
So anyways, of course, I said I need a new Mod
“What’s wrong with the 30 some odd (exaggeration) mods ya got over there on the Vape Bar” she says,
Quick Rocky reply :ok_hand:“But they’re old and broken”

Long story short, believe it or not, I talked her into it :star_struck:

So here’s the catch, I got an $80 limit (not too bad) so I’m thinking a budget Mod and a tank, any suggestions would be appreciated, the first thing I came up with was the Vaporesso GEN S 220W TC Box Mod at $42.95 which would leave me plenty left over for SubOhm tank!

What would You go for, with an $80 dollar limit ?


I don’t know bro. Asking this kind of question on the forum will only get you 200 different options from the one you’re looking at.

Makes it even harder to choose :thinking:
I’m starting to suspect most vapers have stock in the business, the fervour they exhibit in telling you what you should get is limitless.

So far nobody is jumping on you yet, maybe most have the pub section still on mute :laughing:

Seems to me that Rocky needs to make up his own mind about a New Mod for XMAS :grin:


Well that was a Big help :rofl: , I was hoping you’d at least talk me out of the red one (I have absolutely nothing that goes with red) I was looking at the blue or black mod but she insists, “get the red one, it’s so Christmassy” :man_shrugging:


I’m afraid you better do what “she” says. I can talk you out of the red one, and I would, black is sooo much better.
But… you are living with “she” and not with me :sweat_smile:

I hope you’re talking mods here and not :womans_clothes: :handbag: :ballet_shoes:


Wow. Funny you mentioned that Gen S mod Rocky. I just saw somewhere where you get that and a free tank. But I have no idea where I saw it. Element vape maybe. Dunno.


Oh well looks like I’m getting the red Gen S with no tank. Will just have to throw a black tank on it, got nothing in red :man_shrugging:
She also ordered me an asMODus minikin 2 in chrome / with RDA combo for 30 bucks, but asMODus called me up the next day and said they were out of the chrome mod and I could sub it for another color (I was really liking the chrome one) so anyways I told him to just surprise me!
It came in the other day and my ol’lady says now I gotta wait till Xmas to see what color I got, oh the agony :weary:

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Like this one? :grin: