Replicate Elf bar flavouring

Hi, I’m very knew to vaping and started on Elf bar. I’ve bought a mouth to lung e cig and need to replicate the flavour strawberry ice. I’ve bought a few nic salts but they just don’t cut it. Don’t mind mixing my own I just need advice on where to start or if anyone can point me in the direction of buying super strong flavouring. I’m craving flavour.


Welcome to the VC @sunshinesal. Don’t make the mistake I did, all those years ago, where I thought MORE was always BETTER !!!

Actually, sometimes LESS is MORE. I’m not familiar with Elf bar, so maybe a few others could chime in.

Some things to keep in mind, AND share are:

  1. What profiles do you like (i.e. Creamy, Custards, Bakeries, Fruits, etc…)
  2. What style of vaping do you use (i.e. MTL only, a mix of DTL/MTL, or DTL only)
  3. What type and strength of NIC are you currently using (i.e. 18mg Freebase, 24mg NIC Salts, etc.)
  4. What country/area are you in, and can you get flavors, pg, vg, nic without issue