Please read first, important info

First off, welcome to the Vaping Community.

As a community of adults (18+) we strive to work together and help each other out where possible, as adults we should be able to have adult discussions, sometimes these discussions might include some bad language or adult banter, if you are easily offended, sorry but we believe in having open discussions where the members here can freely express themselves.

With that being said we do have rules:

NO PORN, I can’t express this enough, we do not want to see explicit images / videos of any kind and you will be banned if you try to force this upon our community.

Attacking others will not be tolerated, if you have an issue with someone please contact a member of staff or use the PM system to resolve your differences.

Staff abuse will also not be tolerated, the staff are here to help you and keep the forum under control / organised.


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