New Wonder Flavours SC Released

These are the new offerings from WF set for release tomorrow
Bavarian Cream
Blueberry Gummy Candy
Cookie Butter
Cream Custard
Lemon Custard
Malaysian Guava
Roasted Hazelnut
Strawberry (Juicy)
Strawberry Cheesecake
Vanilla Custard
and Watermelon (Yellow)


The cookie butter definitely stands out to me, have the JF version which I am trying out but can’t have enough CB.

You going to try them all out? Want to hear what you think before diving in myself, they all look like flavors I would want in my stash.

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I have them all on the way bud will let you know as soon as i get to testing


How is the JF version? I almost put it in my last order, but went with molinberry butter my biscuit instead lol seemed like it would be more versatile

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It is good but when I first got it had no idea what Cookie Butter was supposed to taste like. Then a local coffee shop had a seasonal Cookie Butter ice blended and got one. It was then when I realized…wow, the JF is pretty accurate. I use the JF CB low right now, 2 drops per 10ml but might up that to 3 drops. Definitely a nice flavor but not sure what else you would ever be able to use it for aside from “Cookie Butter” recipes :thinking:

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I hope these new ones are not as dangerous as the old ones!!! :wink::crazy_face:


Lol shit stirrer
Ya i would hate to use Apple Cinnamon Strudel at 3% only to find my juice contained 0.000003% Furfural oh the horror.



The cookie butter I buy is just lotus (biscoff) cookies crushed up and mixed with enough oil to be peanut butter consistency, apparently there are other types of cookie butter too but I want the lotus flavor lol