My dream car/truck


American ones, anyway. I grew up with these babies still on the road. They were not new, but had not yet aged out. I had some, back when you could get a rustbucket version for a few hundred dollars.


There are no classic cars beside American and British ones. Germans made crap in the 50’s and 60’s, and Japanese were even worse


This one is also a dream but I don’t see a chance of owning one ever:


Something like a 67 Jag? Man that’s a pricey thing!!

Always liked these little oddballs.


Close. It’s a 68’

But lemme drag out a photo of me with an absolute classic that is owned by my family and I drove two years ago :slight_smile:


Google Photos

That is me, and the car is of course a 1969 Charger


No fair. I was about to guess.


That specific charger was purchased in 1969 by my wifes uncles father in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s been in the family ever since. 100% original. Paint was re-done a few times. Only 55k miles on the meter.Today its owned by my wifes cousin and it relocated to Montreal Canada


Google Photos


Is it weird that I love the giant radiator it took to keep that power plant cool? :crazy_face: :laughing:


And this is the small block. Imagine the radiator on the big block version :slight_smile:


No love for the Night Runner? How about if I guilt you into it… 'Tis mine…


Don’t recall seeing one IRL, and that may just be a bad angle… But it looks like “just another Dodge” in that pic.
But if it lights your spark plugs, who am I to judge? Oh wait! :laughing:



It is just another Dodge, like any Challenger or Charger or Viper, I guess. Man, rip a fella’s heart out why don’t ya. :disappointed_relieved:


You guys would love it around here classic car wise. I’m not far from Auburn Indiana where the Kruse Auctions are/were held. Classics from Auburn - Cord - Duesenberg on up to the ones we’re listing here. Auburn has a really nice car museum and so does the auction grounds. Everything…some selling for millions.


Yeah, but to Sparky they would be “just another Cord”.



The shot you posted was just a bad angle.


When you get a decent shot, it’s actually a fairly sharp looking vehicle!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Tryna make up, I see… :sunglasses:


It occurred to me that being international some may have never seen or heard of an Auburn, or Cord, or Duesenberg. So…


Not sure if I ever knew the name for the Auburn, but definitely remember the car!

The Duesenberg is definitely a bad ass classic! And the Cord looks like it could have come out of the same factory! I remember playing with the Hot Wheels version waaaaaaay back when. chuckles