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Mix 1

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I’ve been interested in this since I first saw @Guitarded’s postings. It’s great and I am not afraid to say it here or anywhere.


Over the last week I have done a lot of testing and machining. What I have found is that the size of the generator or stator tube will of course aid in the volume that each size can process. By experimenting a little further I have found that there are several types of configurations that aid in the final mix and also affect the size each can process. Up to this point we have been using slotted type homogenizers. According to Silverson, these are better suited for shearing tissues and fibrous materials:

Another type is for emulsions:

The third type is a general purpose that allows more throughput and is the one I have chosen to go with:

The original concept was to design a unit capable of attaching to and being driven by a moto tool/Dremel type motor. My tests have me convinced that these small motors will not drive a mixer with any tube larger than 1/2 inch. The test motor got pretty hot which basically means it will be short lived and possibly dangerous. The 1/2 inch IMO will homogenize 120/240 mls. The 3/8 OD units I have made are good for 30 to 60 mls.

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Lovin it!!! Dig the description of the one you have chosen. Almost sounds like “made for e-juice”. Been marching ahead with my current protocol with great results. I did find one combination, Apple Pie TPA and Vanilla Ice Cream Liquid barn that did benefit from sitting for 48 hours. No further change after that 48 hours. Obviously an accelerated production time still. That was a test batch of 15ml using the 10mm probe.