Long Term Nicotine Storage Thread

Hey guys/gals, we’ve got this topic scattered around, in multiple threads, and time is SHORT, so wanted to try and funnel most of it here.

Didn’t want a total re-hash of what we’ve covered, but I personally have stocked up on both Freebase and Salts. All broken down out of the shipping containers, into 500ml Wheaton bottles, topped off with Argon gas, capped, and taped, in Ziplock bags in my Low Temp Medical Freezer, which hits -30F. Paid a little extra, but the lower you go, the slower the chemical reactions are. I stepped up my prep and was running out of room, and picked up a regular temp freezer (-7F) and started loading it up as well. Shot an email out to Jake and team at Nude Nicotine, and got a response back.

I had been on the fence about ordering another Low Temp Freezer, or just use the standard temp, but after this email, and my investment thus far, will be picking up a second Low Temp, for peace of mind.

100% Pure Food Grade Argon Gas:

My NEW favorite glass bottles from Wheaton, with superior caps:

Low Temp (-30F) 1.1 Cu Ft. Medical Freezer (Typo in this listing, NOT Fridge/Freezer):


Very good, @SessionDrummer I am super glad to see you prepping…
I have given a lot of thought and I think being how things are… I have a liter of nic…
Once that is gone… it is gone. I will go nic free. I feel like it is just that time for me.

I don’t sell juice often… but I do sell my recipes. I know how my flavors react to nic…
Will be brave. Already I am at 1% nic and really can not tell between my 1% and nic free…
[1mg] not much difference between the 2… so I might keep the liter for those in need locally.
When it is gone, it’s gone… :slight_smile: I can always send my peeps to you. :smiley:


Me too @SmokyBlue

Feel the same way

I made a bunch of 0 nic mixes for the time frame leading up to my back surgery, and for a short while after, 14mos. ago. No withdrawals, but, I did notice it when I started adding it in again.


I have 750ml

Exactly my thoughts. I am at 2mg presently and dropping. Started at 18mg 2 years ago.


My 1L bottle will last nearly 7yrs. Ian…maybe a bit less for the few people I mix for.
That is, providing it keeps that long???


See, that is where I mess up, time and again… with periods of stress, I go for higher nic…
but why?? really?? did it help me?? well it stopped me short from being a hussy…
However… yeps… nic will do that to you… to hook you in yet again…

The way I see it… I have sat on my tail… learned, taught… you name it, I have done it…
We vape to stop smoking… well… some of us… :slight_smile:
To lead a better than was life… to make changes…

So… putting my fingers where I can… and this year, getting out, fresh air and exercise.
#vapegoalsmatter! :smiley:

You have come a long way, @ianc13 :smiley: be proud!!!
Me, I started at 18mg… years and years ago… was not enough… went to 24… and yeah… way too much… finally got to where I could do 18mg… then went to 12mg… I remember that time period omgosh I was lickity lick on my drip stick and for the life of me, could not figure out why… but I had dropped too soon… so back to 18… then 16… I get all the way to 3… then I stressed… and repeated the cycle for far too long… then came nic salts… and what did stupid me do?? yeah… so then I had to taper back down yet again…

just think… if I had done it smart the first time… how much $ I could have saved even more?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Does that mean something else there? :rofl:

Oh, I am very proud. When I think of all the crap I was inhaling when smoking, then being able to find a replacement (vaping) that allowed me to reduce my dependence on nicotine, I am so happy it has been possible to get where I am now.

Your journey has also been amazing and you should also be so very proud of you achievements.

Hindsight is always a wonderful thing…

Mine would be a year and a half worst case scenario, but much longer as I am dropping still. I really should be past any addiction by then, maybe even off the vape altogether as that was the original plan.


I dunno on me… I never picked up vaping to stop smoking… believe it or not!!!
I did it to help my mom stop… but she passed on due to a major heart attack almost 10 yrs ago.
I can still remember, I had her try a cigalike and the convo we had… haha!!
Skeptical… and told me I should try and change the flavor… well back then (2004) wasn’t much to change… closed system… and the stuff I added to change it, well… it was a mess!!

now days tho… I don’t eat much candy… I still love to vape. Probably always will… but I expect it will taper down even more… and that is alright too. I don’t have many hangups… but I do love the flavors :slight_smile:


Yeah, but you persevered, and frankly, it isn’t the nic that hurts your body…it’s the chemicals and tar and carbon monoxide from the combustion of them stinky’s that drags you down. My doctor warned me not to smoke, or the fusions wouldn’t grow bone. I had told him I vaped and he just didn’t want to hear it. I went back to nic a month or so after surgery and just had 3rd follow up…he says I’m healing just fine!


Well you can’t leave VC if you stop vaping…sorry :laughing: Your stuck with us, Ian


I just realized we’re mucking up @SessionDrummer page for nic storage :anguished:


Good, happy to hear that @whthek :smiley: and you are right on the chemicals… even tho our ejuice doesn’t have a lot… there is still a lot going on with our juices… so many versions and varieties… you just have to set your standards and goals… :slight_smile: :smiley:


I don’t think he will mind and who knows, maybe someone else will pop up with their goodies they are all snagging right now. I know how that feels… think we all do… :slight_smile: there are options on what to do so yeah… I dunno… I hope Sd will forgive us!! :slight_smile: :smiley:


Point taken Smoky…but I’ve yet to hear of one person suffering illness as a result…knock on wood


Lol, hmmmmm. Not sure there would be any point if I wasn’t mixing anymore.

Sure I can work out a reason though…


Yeah, just me being a wise guy… :wink:


Sorry mate. :frowning_face: :exploding_head:


I have 7 litres :blush:
No special freezer. I don’t vape a lot and not at high percentage so even if it degrades by 50% and I have to double the amount of nic, it’ll still last me til I croak.
So just like @SmokyBlue, once it’s gone… it is gone. I will go nic free :rofl:

Talking about croaking, if I can’t stand this shit anymore, I could just make a cocktail with it and go out with a buzz :laughing:



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