Let’s talk Guitars!


We must have both been tuned into the Israeli - states thought channel. After posting and listening, I still have to go back and tame the keys a little. Always happens that way, lol.


Did you see the video of Ray explaining how they wrote the song?

I lol-ed at the part where he claims it’s super hard to play on the bass


That’s a very interesting video. That’s an odd statement for sure regarding the bass. For our cover the bass is simply tasked with consistency. It’s the entire foundation. Every other instrument is “open” to include the kit. I love how the guys play off each other and find their own “holes” without packing the piece full, destroying space. Ray did a wonderful job with that. Every aspect of the texture that he mentions has been conveyed in the piece.


My first amp was given to me by a friend. It was a National tube amp with two oval shaped speakers. It was horrible for bass, but I used a phase shifter and with the beautiful feedback it gave, I was pretty much playing guitar on my bass. I regret getting rid of that. In decent shape that amp can easily fetch $1,000.

I know some of you may cringe or roll your eyes, but my amplification is all Peavey. I guess its vintage now since its all mid to late eighties era. I don’t have any pics as its all in storage.

I have owned or played with all the usual suspects; Ampeg, GK, Fender etc… I just always compared them to my Peavey rig and it always won out.

The heart is a Peavey Mega Bass rack mount head in an Anvil case. It was cutting edge at the time. I would bi-amp that to an 18" Black Widow and to a 2 X10" Black Widow Cabinet. I got a great deal on the 2 X 10 as it is also powered with a 200 watt slave amp but you can use it without too.
I would send a preamp out to a 300 watt combo amp with a 15" Black Widow, so I could do low mid and high.

I remember my first kind of big paying gig. It was a private birthday party. It was an old dance hall kind of place with a beautiful huge stage. It was definitely built as a big band venue. It seated 400 people at tables and there was still a huge dance floor. So we were doing sound check and it was my first time working with a pro sound guy and real sound system. Not a tiny PA just for the singer. So I setup my gear like I always did. Probably volume on 10 and within a few seconds all the audio cable plugs flew out of the back of the PA speakers because of the excessive bass. So the sound guy came over and kinda schooled me and pointed at my stack and said something like “You know this is mostly for show now right? Stand near the PA speakers or monitors and I will adjust all the bass” He set me up with a wireless system so I could hear what it was like way in the middle of the hall with just my bass rig and then through the sound system. Then I understood how much the low end sound waves expanded over a distance and it was like a religious awakening. After that I was a little more conservative with my settings. I had no clue I was causing seismic events for people farther away.


Nope not me. Hartley Peavey IMO produced some really great amps and was a true amp genius and innovator. I know Nashville session players that depend on 70’s/ 80’s era Peavey amps and will never change. Most are pedal steel or slide players where those big powerful amps are necessary and really shine for a good player.

They way they were manufactured makes many of them difficult to work on but he had to stay within a price point to compete with others that were never up to the sound quality produced.


Not to mention they were built like brick shithouses!! Another reason they’re so long lasting.


So how is the new bow working for you?


Been too busy to try it yet. Sorry… hopefully soon.


Placard for those afflicted: