It's nice, but


If it wasn’t as hot as satan’s arse crack here at the moment - I would take more time to enjoy the sunset


You lucky bastard! I was on the bike squeezing my eyes half shut to keep the snow out and trying to see where the hell I was going :snowflake: :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:



Looks glorious compared to this crappy ice we have atm :cold_face:


I’ve got a pile of snow on a failed boat cover that’s smashed the plexiglass windscreen on my pontoon. I think I’ll take your complaints over mine right now.


It was -8 F (-22.2 C) with a mountain of snow and ice here when I woke up yesterday. Seems that extreme temp swings everywhere are common and getting worse every year. I have been reading about horrible temps in parts of AU. Looks beautiful but I bet not too pleasant. Probably helps breed those huge fuckin spiders.:smirk:


Not just spiders!


You guys have to remember we need the huge spiders to get the huge wasps, mozzies, XXXXXX (insert other huge prehistoric insects that will bite sting or carry off people into the night)


Yeah, I DID want to visit Australia at some point, but now, Not so much…


While we suffer the worst arctic blast possibly ever, Au is melting. From what I’ve read animals have had to be culled with roads melted, bats falling from trees, and mass fish kills with record temps. Don’t know which is worse. :frowning_face


The runoff creek by @mrpipes

And, of course…


These temp swings are as bizarre as they are scary. Our forecast shows a 70 F temp swing from -18 early this morning through Monday afternoon. Mother nature doesn’t seem too pleased IMO.


Looks like typical winter craziness to me. We were (supposedly) -8F this morning, but we’ll be at 60F Sunday and Monday. I’m looking forward to that, wish it would stay up there for a while.