Have you ever bought from a website with name/age/birthdate verification?


Nah… But there are those who are from Mizzurah


Funny though… having lived the life online and living out here in the sticks… I kinda like the thought of disappearing. Off the grid, as it were. Feels like it; I get no pizza delivery out here. Almost 18 years since I answered the door to a pizza pie delivery guy.


I do too… To a limited extent.
There’s a lot to be said for being able to get to and from the grocery store with your frozen foods still frozen. As well as not having an extremely limited selection.


Car fridge is the only way I can do that. It does suck hard when u forget the milk tho.


To dispel any misconceptions… Sure my subdivision is out of a suburban range, but it is still just 6 miles from typical stores and such. I’m not building huts and sticking beer in a stream to keep it cool.


Yeah I’m out in a rural area where people call it the “boonies’” but I’m 10 or 15 minutes driving time from ordinary shopping. Some things a little more. One mile from a truckstop. The only “inconvenience” is our shitty wireless internet service and lack of cable access for people who watch tv. I don’t.

I imagine that if Simon lived where I do he’d feel like he was in a cage.


That sounds a lot like me too. Wireless is non-existent because I happen to be in a depression that the signal just doesn’t reach. I have a booster in the house that back hauls through the DSL line so I have cell service. But that is a sensitive spot to me… One damned provider out here and they don’t give Shit One about us. For years now I’ve been stuck at 6mb and there is no sign of upgrades of any kind. No vectoring, no bonding, no fiber, nothing. Since I work from home, it’s extra ugly because I need speed. So I have a dedicated DSL for the work laptop and a couple for the home use. The aggregator I have tries to combine them when possible, but can’t in many cases because of the protocol. So I suffer along in slow land.

That provider, who anyone that has them well understands, is CenturyLink. Or better, CenturyStink. They used to be CenturyTel, or better CenturyHell. They absolutely do not care about me at all. And the stupid 6mb pipes are expensive as hell.


I have an online friend that lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He lives way out in the sticks and is stuck with slow DSL. The fiber optic line stops literally a few hundred feet from his property and they won’t continue with it because of environmental concerns or some other such governmental nonsense. Can you imagine the frustration knowing its right outside your door and you can’t have it?


Actually, yes. The folks at the top of the subdivision get 10mb. For some unknown, bullshit reason they pulled the back half of the subdivision to a different junction box which is further away so I am SOL. Both CO’s come into the same little box at the top of the subdivision and I have asked them repeatedly to give me feeder lines off the closer CO, but they just won’t. 10mb is peanuts to you guys, but that’s a massive upgrade to me.

Even worse… the CO where the 10mb DSL is sourced also happens to be the termination for all cable and fiber runs in the city. So, in other words… People who live in my city but are right off the interstate get- cable TV. 100mb fiber. Cell service. Multiple service providers for internet and TV. Food delivery, etc. I get none. A mile and a half north of me. I knew this going in, but did not know the speed growth of the internet that the future held.


Here’s what I’m stuck with and no other options available except satellite (Hughes) which sucks so bad I’ll never deal with them again. Typical speedtest:

Download Speed 0.86 Mbps (107.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed 0.51 Mbps (63.8 KB/sec transfer rate)


I see people bitching about how their 100mb is running at 70mb, or they wish they could get fiber and move off the old dinosaur 100mb, and I do not feel sorry for them…