Hamburger Menu


The Hamburger menu holds links to all over the forum plus the ability to change the theme on the fly, check it out.


I changed briefly to VC light and all I can say is - My eyes, my eyes!!! :smiley:


I’ve toned it down to “Ghost White” should be ok now


I"m a fan of dark themes. Just wanted to see how the light one looks :slight_smile:


Discourse is now updated to the latest version. Lots of tweaks and changes, enjoy


Cool :sunglasses:


Am I supposed to see this to begin with?

About the Admin category

It looks like he’s in process of setting up a private channel for admins. :wink:


So this makes me an admin?


I think it’s more administrative happenings of the forum, like menus made of hamburger. I tried to ban you and it didn’t work, so I must not be an admin.


This is the category I use for quick firing updates or snippets of info at you guys, this should have been locked :laughing:


Good because if Fizzy and Adary are new admins I’m running like hell :rofl:


Good grief, if that was true I’d be running like hell too.