Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2018


Do you know anyone in ca with a biz registration? I don’t think you need a duns# if you are in canada. may be worth getting someone to ship it to you if you can.


I think I can get this one. My wife has a registered business and we are not in US or Canada :slight_smile:


Gold mate! Go for it - WF are pretty damn good so far (i am still working my way thru em)


I’m going for it… hope it works! How long will the offer last?


So would I but I don’t know anyone and don’t want to be on FDA’s radar. However, I’ve been trying these a few at a time for months and like most. The creams are very good…banana puree is a staple but needs help from another banana…the nuts are great…and the candy flavors are very good if you are into that. I’m not, though the sour ball is IMO the best sour additive out there. They have some pretty good recipes on their site.



$25 for shipping is high, but for 102 1oz bottles, why not. Hopefully they are strong like MF and they last a while.


$96 shipping to my neck of the woods. not sure I wanna go for it to be honest


Still probably a good deal but yeah, wow.


They are not that strong and they have regular and super concentrates. The SC are pretty strong (1 to 3%) but the regular ones compare with Cap or Purilum strength. Nevertheless I like them but have some that I use at 8% or so depending. You’ll like them and damn, what a deal.


Well, if nothing else it’s a good way to try a new flavor line.


You can pay $25 for a box full of AIR (empty), just because of the size of the box
That’s a freaking steal bud! :laughing:

Congrats! And you know whose fence you can toss these over if you don’t care for them! :wink: chuckles


These are the sc not the regular ones


Still works out less than $1an oz for some really good flavours


I’m going to do a bunch of 1ml SF tests, and with these being SC according to @woftam I imagine I will use very little for the tests. While I’d feel bad tossing you my ‘discards’, you’re welcome to them. Tastes vary anyway, no?


I guess you’re right but I looked at the $299 “complete sc collection” they sell which totals 80 flavorings so I thought they were also including the regular line. Odd, because the website lists 82 SC’s. Nonetheless I read further and the 102 are SC.

Regardless some that I personally like are regular concentrates- Banana Puree, Tahitian Vanilla Cream, and several others. Seems odd to me that they wouldn’t include these and I think anyone buying should not overlook these despite the fact that they are not as potent. Some are damned near standalone and I wish they had been available when I started mixing. They are easy to build from.

IMO we should all, including me, write flavor notes on these.


It doesn’t have to be a vape business does it? I’ve got two family members with hunting related businesses lol I’ve already hit them up about it


Never know, they may double as deer scent but being Canadian they might get you a moose instead. :grin:


They just released a bunch of new flavours this pack has the new ones in it. I have not looked at any of the standard flavours before I just assumed they were the same flavours but now looking I notice that is not the case - gunna have to have a good look at all their flavours. TY

@fishaddict420 have no idea if it has to be vape biz or not - i guess they would let you know if it wasn’t approved


African Horned Cucumber could attract all sorts of attention.

I wonder if it is on the banned list - could be a loophole


Fishie saw what I deleted. I figured maybe that was for the best…