Get em before they are gone

If you like any of the following get them now before the reformulation happens (JIC)

One of the manufacturers of a component flavour used in Holy Holy Grail RY4, Holy Vanilla, and Gooey Butter Cake, is discontinuing the manufacture of it.

There is a v2 available but as it stands it could be better or worse so if you like the originals I would buy up before they are gone


Holy shit !!! :grin:


Don’t forget the ECF20 coupon code if your ordering direct. Thanks for the heads up @woftam


Any other flavors you think are must haves from DIYFS? Gonna order the 2 Holy’s as I do enjoy them and GBC is just so so for me so no reorder there. Heard good things about Mr. Good Stuff and Cookie, might order those. Just asking as your tastes line up with mine, never had a bad recommendation from you.

I don’t have many of their flavours they are a bit hard to get over here but if you find more that you like mate LMK

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I forgot about the free sample they included, French Cafe Napoleon. Just tried it single flavor @ 5% and it is tasty. Not tasting any coffee, more like they described, a sweet vanilla flavor. Not too sure if it is a reorder but will wait and see how it steeps.

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