Come and have a laugh




Russian made idiot trap



Super accurate - but missing a few important things

Just next to giant spiders on the ocean side should be great white sharks, blue ringed octopus, and on the land side should also have tiger snakes, eastern brown snakes, whitetail spiders, red back spiders and of course not forgetting the fence destroying wombats and kangaroos (while mostly harmless to humans they create extra work)


Just a midnight Sunday night poke at humor. The natural beauty of your country and its wildlife is astonishing. While in the military (1972) I visited Sydney and the surrounding area. I can’t say that I saw much, but enough that it made a long lasting impression.


I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Australia yet, but I’ve known enough of its countrymen over the last 25 years to know that it’s someplace that I’ve been itching to see for at least 15 years now!

Au, UK, and Japan are my short list!
(Having already done Germany and the EU to my satisfaction and delight)


Yay! That would be coooool! :tada:


Good old DYAC.



I found this far funnier than I should of done :rofl:





/listens to the instructions: “breathe out bullshit”

I’m going to have to take a pass on that.
I know a few folks who all they do is breathe out bullshit. Now I’m wondering if one of them made this video… :rofl:





…or if one of them posted that crazy shit…:smirk::grin:



Happy Easter🎉



I’m probably going to hell for this one.


I have said that so much, I should put it on my business cards.