And, so the journey begins

AP some people find useful in bakery recipies and other’s can’t tolerate it. With AP if used to high can give you a Fritos type corn chip taste to it.

Vanillin can be useful and a lot of flavors already have that as an ingredient. It is sort of a brighter vanilla kick, try it low at about .5% to start to see if it adds to you mix.


I am with you on the chips, even flavors that have AP in them I can usually tell and tend to stay away from. It is just one of those flavors for me that stands out too much, it detracts from the other flavors due to my sensitivity to it.


:sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:
I’m barely 10% of that…

Been hit with a £5 delivery charge on an item I want, so wanted to max my basket.

AP & Vanillin are £2.80/$3.48 for 30ml, seems like a good deal ?

I’ve seen AP listed in a few of @woftam’s recipes, and I like bakery flavours, so worth a punt, methinks… :thinking:


Yeah I would pass on a 30ml pf vanillin, like @Mjag said it’s aready in a lot of flavor concentrates, I think I have 10ml and should last me a long time. I think I only have one recipe where its needed👌


I agree. If you don’t get Frito then you’ll probably use that one a lot.


I would pickup a French Vanilla or Vanilla Swirl, you’ll get more use out of them👌


You have? Are you sure it is one of mine I don’t use AP as a rule if I want to I tend to use a flavour that has AP in it like inw biscuit. I don’t think I have used AP as a standalone in any released recipe. TBH I don’t think it is worth the buy.

Vanillian is a one dimensional vanilla and while it can be useful to add a simple vanilla note many many flavours have it in them to give a vanilla note (or a cream vibe)

To see how often it is used swing by the TPA site and put the CAS number 121-33-5 in the search box


Thanks Simon.

I may be confusing AP with something else that sounds similar, and I’ve never heard of before, nor have any idea what it is ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, that I have seen in a few of your many recipes. Several of which I mean to try.

I’m confused, and a noob.

My head feels like it’s gonna explode.

I’ve got juice coming out of my ears, but my new dawg keeps licking them clean ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Way out of my depth, and comfort zone. :pensive:

FW Waffle Cone was a pleasant single flavour @ 3.5%. Not too sweet, hints of maple syrup with a biscuity, buttery kinda flavour.

VTA Arabica Coffee @ 3% single flavour tastes like the dregs from a filter coffee. Very strong, as everyone has told me. :roll_eyes:

DL Strawberry Custard & Golden Grahams still steeping.

Need to reign it in, take one step at a time, use up a good proportion of current juice stock, and keep my good lady happy before embarking on any further ventures.

@Guitarded summed it up earlier, perfectly.

I really do appreciate all of your excellent advice. :100:%


So…how did they turn out?


Strawberry Custard is delicate, well balanced, and lovely. :kissing_heart:
The Alpine Strawberry adds a freshness I’ve not experienced before, and the Custard is a smooth background flavour.
Only had one tank full from a 50ml mix because the misses likes it so much she’s nabbed the bottle. :smile:

GGs are still steeping, should be ready Saturday. :crossed_fingers:
Does have a very good ‘breakfast cereal’ nose though.


I thought that the Strawberry Custard was good, and it is, but…

@sessiondrummer, you are a true :man_cook:t2:

Golden Grahams is delicious, sublime, and I haven’t put it down since I tried it. Even added a box of the originals to cross-reference, and you’ve absolutely nailed it.

I would never have imagined vaping a breakfast cereal could be so enjoyable. :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

Thank you.

And I have a sneaky feeling that all of these flavours will taste even better in my first RTA…


Thanks a lot @Captain_Grey, that really means a lot. I will NEVER reveal how many fails I had trying to get that right. Thank you.


OK, where is the recipe and how much do I have to pay you for it? :wink:


No charge @Mjag. But move fast, it’s ONLY for 1 week !!!

Kidding. :slight_smile:


Cripes. Hundreds of flavors I have, yet I am missing three out of four of these. Always.


Hehe, sorry about that @Pennywise, but we ALL float down here !!!

I had ASSUMED (I know, I know …) that using more standard-ish flavors would allow more people to try without needing to pick up MO flavors. :frowning:

Whilst tooting my own horn, if you ARE in the market for a surprisingly rich Golden Grahams, at a low mixing weight, I can vouch for picking up the flavors.


If I get the concentrates and mix it up, I’ll still have to wait like 5 minutes before I can try it. I hate waiting for juice to be mature!!!


What’s the etiquette regarding sharing other people’s recipes on other forums peeps ?
(Obviously crediting the original chef)

Just thought I’d ask, before I did anything…

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I don’t see a problem with that, if something is in the public domain, share away :+1:


Thanks @Grubby, it’s one of yours, and one of @SessionDrummer’s on POTV.

You know the ones… :wink:

Btw, how did DL Strawberry Custard recent tweak work out ?