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You’ll get nothing but a lovefest from me. This is the best vaping forum period. This is a group of like minded people, and I think more importantly share a similar temperament.

I am not sure about huge growth or how to do it. The bigger it gets, the more swinging dicks it will attract as @Jose so eloquently stated :slight_smile:

I confess that there have been times I haven’t posted about new products I bought or am using because I felt like I posted too much already.

Going to that other forum recently, I discovered that access to the lounge was taken away from me, I guess because I didn’t post enough or give enough likes etc… I have comments and mentions in the lounge that I can no longer see. To me, that just encourages people to make up things to post and make possibly unneeded comments, which there are far too many already. So I guess that could be a suggestion of what to avoid.

This forum kicks major ass! Thank you for all you do.


Sounds like quite the party at Jim’s!!


Partial quotes taken out of context makes me sound like a wild man! My craziness is limited to my morning coffee and a good vape. That gave me a good laugh! Thanks man :crazy_face:


This is the kind of crap I’m trying to get at. When did Jim ever post anything that would offend anyone? I’d say never but who the fuck should be able to take away someones access to a part of a public forum without showing/giving a good reason. But like Jim I think more and more people will get sick of that nonsense and find their way here and genuinely appreciate the camaraderie, humor, and mutual respect demonstrated here. Sure, its a little discouraging to not see much activity, but I’ll take quality over quantity any time. Just my $.02.


The access to the lounge is purely software based - while I disagree that access should be removed once granted it works on constant involvement in the forum.

Looking at the requirements jim would only have to reply to 3 topics to regain access.

But I have upgraded him and locked


Well thank you, it wasn’t necessary and I don’t want or deserve special treatment. I knew that it was a matter of me spending more time there and participating. I knew it was a part of the programming and nobody intentionally removed me. I was just pointing out something to maybe avoid here. Thanks man.

@mrpipes thanks for having my back man, I want you with me in a fight.


The only thing I would humbly request is to remove the “phone linking” that’s triggered when you (accidently) click the links button.

(To be a bit clearer, I evidently have a tendency to accidentally click the link button while trying to hit the like (heart) button, which then brings up a list of possible actions on my phone which I then have to close, and then have to close the forum’s link panel.)

I think you’re doing a wonderful job though bud! Things seem to stay pretty smooth over here for all practical intents and purposes! =)


couldnt resist


The phone’s too old?
(yeah. I’m going with that.)

Galaxy s3 =P
(small screen)


Just for clarification, since this might look as if only guys are ruining things, there are some ladies too that are pretty bad.
Not the in your face dick swinging bad but covered in syrupy sweetness but oh so very pushy and horrible underneath.
To be honest I rather deal with the dick swinging.
Just saying.


I knew what you meant. And the in your face blatant stuff is easier to take than the subtlety disguised digs.


I think everyone took that as just an expression for the large egos and the types (gender-irrelevant) that never let shit go. I did, anyway. Plus hey, it was good for several fun follow up posts.


Even tho I just joined today I think I already like this place (and I seem to know quite a few of you folks from ELR)

People come and go to online communities and that is quite natural. I’ve been a forum squirrel for the last 20-odd years, and all I can say is that the times have changed. A lot of people nowdays think they know everything and have to preach their gospel to everyone else (I even catch myself doing this once in a while). What I do like are smaller communities of like-minded people (with as little vendor spam as possible :D)

Constructive criticism I would leave is purely technical - the bright blue highlight I get on topics and just a tad too bright for my poor old eyes :slight_smile:


If you have social media could you please “promote” the forum a little, would be much appreciated


Sure thing


This is my social media!


@Grubby I meant to say a huge Thank you for this BTW!

It’s been a much easier time closing my mis-clicks out since you changed this!