An open discussion on the Vaping Community Forum


Here I am inviting you to discuss the forums current condition, I would love to hear your views, good or bad, on how the forum performs, engagements, categories, layout and any improvements you feel could be made to make the overall community a better place.

Be as honest as you can, if your not happy with something, now is the time to voice your opinion.

I really want this community to flourish but I cannot do it alone, so having you all work with me to get any issues resolved is key, we are a community after all and imo a very strong one when we band together.

Thanks in advance :v:



I have nothing but praise for this forum and place a high value on its existence. IMO the lack of participation here stems from how “social media” has developed. IMO people thrive on controversy and parroting of ‘trendy’ PC nonsense to satisfy some need that honestly eludes me. I don’t know how to increase participation without turning this into a clusterfuck like ELR which I want no part of. The recent ‘Free Shit Brigade’ nonsense is a perfect example. I didn’t read the threads but learned of it through a summary of posts ELR sends by email. But there are so many absurdly ridiculous posts that a rehash would be endless. Here we have honest and intelligent conversations and interactions. The reviewers have saved me hundreds of dollars and I know that I can trust their opinions. Where else? Nowhere I know of.

You’ve done a great job Grubby and the flavor list , stash, and calculator are superb. So is the way you have structured the forum. I just wish there was an easy way to import recipes.

The only suggestion I can make is that we all take the time to establish flavor notes and a large database of recipes that would attract new users. Personally speaking, I can do without all the bullshit controversial nonsense that seems to permeate every other forum I’ve tried.


I really have nothing to add on top of what @mrpipes has already succinctly observed. How this forum exists right now is why I frequent it. ELR’s something of a playpen for me, but TVC is where I come for serious stuff and actual camaraderie.

You may not have intended this thread to be one of praise and encouragement, but I suspect it will become that. You’ve done a great job and things are going along just swimmingly.


Great observation @mrpipes. I’m with you on this. I do have a theory and unfortunately it has a dismal prediction. I believe this site was developed by and presently populated by busy, engaged people. Engaged in vaping and life in general. I believe this lends to conversations with substance reflecting the lifestyle of the folks here. The fact that things move a little slower here makes perfect sense. With growth this core group will become diluted and as unfortunate as it is the brain dead will post more and the site will reflect the demeanor or culture of the weakest link. I don’t know how that is combated. Hopefully the founders have a plan for controlled growth that is beyond my comprehension.


I do. You simply don’t abide it. You state that combative types are not encouraged, and any such behavior will be curtailed quickly. Those types will either come to a head and be banned, or lose interest and move on. That’s how I do it, anyway.


Ok, thanks for your praise, it means a lot to me.

What you guys have said makes perfect sense, I drop in everyday but I don’t have a lot to say lately, I update the site and try my best to read all the new posts.

I have moved vendors off of the latest posts list in an attempt to put your topics in the spotlight and show the “human” side of the community.


I understand, the majority will always stick out but that is how we grow as a community, I will control the direction to the best of my ability but more people = more diversity, conflict of opinions is inevitable and as long as people are constructive in their replys I think we’ll be fine.


I have to agree with @mrpipes, I like this forum as it is.

ELR used to be great when I just joined, it was small, a bit like it is here. It has grown since and not everybody is playing well with others, you know, big dicks swinging about things that are highly subjective.

I ignore them and have never gotten into an argument. I think it’s part of the growing process, the more people join, the more dicks you’re getting. :sunglasses:


You nailed it. I’ll follow your lead. Dig what you are doing with organization although I feel a little left out.

It’s lonely being an Ogre…


Aw, thanks! Actually that put an image of bologna logs swaying in the haze in a smokehouse in my mind for some reason. :grimacing:

Actually @Grubby, it would be easier to manage and grow a forum by allowing it to have a more free-for-all nature, so I applaud you highly for keeping that off the table.


Im a glutton for punishment… :laughing:


I would love to grow this community in the same way as it started, not very realistic I know but you have to have a perspective of some sort, the more like minded considerate people we have, the better.


Ok, in what way?


Well, there’s no human recipe books here.


Oh @Grubby, While I enjoy reading about humans, I just don’t happen to be one. Kinda takes the “punch” out of the punch line.


It just speaks to the inclusive, welcoming nature of the place!


That’s an understatement. I’ve never felt so welcomed by dinner before.


And with that comment, let me add… @Grubby, if he wants an Ogre section, better build one. I would hate to see any of us become Ogre Chow.


FFS, I completely missed that one… :laughing: