All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


Welcome Aboard @tesla5000!!


Hi @tesla5000 and welcome :grinning:


Hi all, i am mark, vapingmark101, i am a new reviewer,

This is my youtube link:




Hey Mark nice to see you here - will be checking your channel thanks for sharing.


thank you,


Glad you made it over Mark :wink: and good luck with your reviewing adventure :+1::ok_hand::dash::dash:


thank you

can i post my reviews in the review section?

i just tried but it would not let me


You may need to comment on a few things, read a few threads etc before you get the trust level to post, it keeps the trolls away :wink:


ok thanks, the trolls are every where


Ive bumped you up to trust level 1, you should be cool now, seeing as I know who you are :wink::+1:


thank you, i will post my last review up,

i have put you down as a recommended group, on my facebook, not that it means much as i dont have many people on there yet.

will share it on my main facebook account


Welcome aboard! Starting your review career here with a Wismec mod… risk taker! :wink:




Welcome, thanks for joining us :smile:

I’ll add you to the reviewer group


thank you.

is that a group, where reviewers can talk to each other?


No but you can pm other reviewers if you want to talk to them or start a PM group chat using @Reviewer :+1:


Welcome @vapingmark101 :beers:


Welcome @vapingmark101.


I was scrolling through the user list and noticed that Wayne Walker @enyawreklaw has joined us. I don’t think he needs to introduce himself but I thought I would say welcome. I am a subscriber at his website and think highly of his skills and insights.


Where is everybody? :roll_eyes: