All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


Welcome aboard :wink::facepunch: glad you made it hear :+1:



Hi all, was searching for problems with my aegis legend, so I decided to join, ask me owt if you want, just a usual bloke who supports a crap football team and breaks mods every week :joy::sob:


shit…don’t tell me you’re a Manchester United fan as well :grimacing: lol…

welcome aboard :wink: glad to have you here :wave:


Worse… Much much worse than them… :cry:


Jeez…I feel for you bro :laughing:


Welcome. Thanks for joining us :smile:


Hi hi @alisaborek !!!


Y’all know me, I think.
For anyone who doesn’t, you’re probably better off! :nerd_face:


Welcome TZ


Welcome aboard TZ :+1:


Thanks for joining us TZ, great to see you :smile:


Well hello @TorturedZen nice to see you here.


Welcome to the sandbox @TorturedZen!


Welcome @TorturedZen !!!


Hello everybody. I stumbled across this forum a few month ago and enjoyed reading in a lot of the threads and the reviews from scratch. I started vaping about a year ago. After smoking for many years I have not touched a single cigarette after having my first vape. I may not be very active in the forum but wanted to show my appreciation for all the information and entertainment I get here. I am from Berlin, Germany. Right now I am vaping Vanilla Custard on a Hermetic+Desire Cut Squonk Setup - love it! Cheers


Welcome aboard!


Welcome aboard @tesla5000 :wink:


Welcome thanks for joining us :smile:


Welcome! /allthedamnchar