All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


Welcome @Fisky


How crazy is this? I was scrolling through the comments and came upon an advertisement. The cool part is, it’s MY advertisement. I guess that extra money I pay for more people to see my ads actually works. That makes me happy. :heart_eyes::sunglasses::tada:


Welcome Fisky!


Hi @Fisky , welcome.


Welcome @Fisky! I’m running out of smart-alak shit to say so welcome will have to do.


Welcome to VC @Fisky


Hi, all, This is Ella. Glad to see you


Welcome Ella glad to have you aboard


Hi Ella, welcome!


Hi :wave:

It’s me :crazy_face:

Ruuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn… :running_woman:

Noooo, run AWAY…




Hi @Mysticrose! You don’t scare me! Good to see you here! Welcome!


Hi @Fisky @Ella and @Mysticrose great to see you here.


Welcome @Ella @Mysticrose Thanks for joining us :smile:


Welcome @Ella and @Mysticrose!!!


Howdy, howdy, @Ella and @Mysticrose!


Awesome to see you! You too @Ella and @Fisky ! :smiley:


You mean like…running start to a TACKLE HUG!?!?!!! :smiley:
:hugs: Thrilled to see you made it over as well hon!! :wink: :slight_smile:

@Ella welcome to you as well ma’am!


welcome @Ella ! and so glad you made it @Mysticrose :wink:🖒
It’s 3.30pm, I’m drunk, I’m fairly certain one of my children has been adopted by a Welsh family and the DJ has been playing The Smiths for 30 mins so if I carry on drinking I’m fairly certain I’m going to physically…or at the very least verbally…attack him :grin::beers:


Even the expression on the youngest is screaming ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING SMITHS ALREADY!!! lmfao

Remember, if that’s the most of your worries at the moment, everything’s oooooook! :wink:
/deep breaths! chuckles


Welcome @Ella @Mysticrose