All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


Sup @Scrooged! :wave:


Hello all you familiar faces I didn’t say hello to earlier.


Yeah, same here! Nice to see you @GPC2012 and you too @Scrooged :grinning:


Welcome aboard @Scrooged!!


Hi @Scrooged good to see you :smile:


Hi @Scrooged , welcome!


Good to see you finally made it @Scrooged!!! And hi to the others I have missed…@FizzeWizze, @GPC2012, @DaveDave, and anyone else I missed!


Welcome @Scrooged glad you made it.


HA HA no hiding from you is there? BTW I totally love your avatar… sweet.


Never! I’m everywhere! And thanks, I wanted something different here and I absolutely love sugar skulls so it just seemed like a good fit…I should have changed my user name also, but I didn’t think of it! Maybe I should ask @Lolly to change it for me to SunnyT and have my nickname as Always Shining!!! Whatcha think!?!


Your wish is my command :wink::tada:


Oh! How I love you @Lolly! Your the best!!!


Howdy Scrooged!


Hey Brother man.

Thanks every body for the warm welcomes. I can tell that I like this place lots.


Yes, welcome. We’re like family. The Adams family.


25 years without any desire to smoke, then came vaping, what a beauty.


Welcome aboard :smile:


Welcome to Vaping Community @Fisky!! Glad you found us!!


welcome to the fun bus @Fisky :wink:🖒


First stop crazy town! Welcome @Fisky