All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


No idea what I just walked into (yet again) but “genuflect to the genitalia” is gender neutral. (Back to the shadows with me) :zipper_mouth_face:


I suppose “Praise the P-Word” could reflect some neutrality as well.


hi,vapers,how are yu today?this is John from

hope you guys have a great vape day :slight_smile:


Hi,dear grubby,

this is john from,could i know how to create one thread to share the deals of our website?




I’ve set you up as a vendor please read this carefully, thanks and welcome to vaping community


Hi,dear grubby,thank you very much :slight_smile:


welcome aboard John 🖒 happy to have you here man :wink:


Hello everyone!! This is exciting! After browsing around this seems like the elr island of misfit toys lol that’s right up my alley:)


Welcome @Fishaddict420 from another Indiana resident. I was hoping to see you here.


welcome aboard @Fishaddict420 :wink::ok_hand:

very happy to have you become one of those misfit toys :grin: 🖒


Welcome! Ya, some fat fuck stopped by and tried to stuff us in a bag once. He left. With an empty bag.


Hello petal! Good to see you!


Welcome @Fishaddict420 :beers:


Welcome, thanks for joining us :smile:


I’ve been a misfit toy my whole life lol, and @SmilingOgre I’m surprised you let that jolly fat man leave, Santa would make a helluva Christmas ham lol. Thanks for the welcome to everyone else, ya got me feeling all warm and fuzzy:)


Welcome @Fishaddict420 good to see you here!


Hello all,

I see a lot of familiar faces already. I’ve only shortened my name since you already know I’m a gal and not a Spanish bloke but for the rest I’m the same. :wink:


Welcome, thanks for joining us, good to see you :smile:


Welcome @Jose :grin: very glad you made it over, thanks for coming!..:grinning::ok_hand:


Well, I miss you guys so when I stumbled on here I had to join :hugs: