All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


Savage :joy::joy::joy:


Love him like a brother man…:wink:

I haven’t got a brother, so I have no frame of reference…my friend has a brother…they don’t get on…

maybe this is a bad example…:thinking:


Howdy Slydee!
Glad you found your way in!


Hi @Slydee any friend of @Grubby is a friend of ours. Cheers mate & welcome


Btw im still alive and here as well sorry for lurking the last couple weeks got some non vaping issues im handling currently


Idk if im still considered new but greetings everyone just checking in


It’s all good, great to see you again :smile:


Hello @Slydee and @Haunterjester! Greetings, salutations, welcome and all that crap!!! We have a saying here, but I forgot it. So don’t worry about it.


Good to see you - hope things sort themselves out for you soon :hugs:


‘bow down to our willy’…?..really?..we’re going with that?..but @Lolly doesn’t have a willy?..maybe she can have her own saying…

crouch to our crotch
Kneel to our nether regions
lean to our lady garden

Hey I’m just spitballing here… there’s a bigger than average chance I may not be the best person to come up with this…:zipper_mouth_face:


idolize the budgie
bow to the budgie


Are you implying the others do?
/*looks curiously at Hobbits, Bug, Lexie, and others I might not have mentioned… LMFAO

joking (of course)

Has my vote!
(repeatedly over the years TBH) LMAO


I’m thinking something much more useful and pragmatic like “Tag, you’re lunch”.


Hi @Haunterjester welcome back


Hello, everyone.

I’m glad to join this forum. This is David from Urvapin. How can I become a vendor of his forum?

Thanks in advance.

All the best,


Hi David
Please drop a message to @Grubby


Welcome David, I’ve set you up as vendor :smile:


Thanks for your help.

So I can start a thread about the new vaping device release/promotion/clearance and update it when we have new infos needed to post?

Thanks again!


Yes indeed, please go ahead and create a thread :smile:


Great. Thanks very much. I’ve create one threads - Authentic Brand Vaping Devices Promotion and Discount

Thanks again. Have a nice day!