All Vaping newcomers - Introduce yourselves + Link to Rules


For anyone who stumbles across this forum while in its infancy or has been invited by someone else please feel free to introduce yourselves in here.
And from all the VC team we’d like to give you all a very warm welcome :hugs:

“Step inside! Hello! We’ve a most amazing show
You’ll enjoy it all we know
Step inside! Step inside!”

Read our rules here: Please read first, important info

Reply to welcome post
Reply to welcome post


Hey @Grubby & @Steampugs

Since y’all know me I figure the welcome is kinda obsolete but I can’t reply in that orig topic as there is no reply button.


Hello, nice to see you :+1:


You too mate - glad to be here


This is our little corner free from the world ATM, lets see what becomes of it, eh :smile:


For sure mate if you need any graphics or what not (while I am sure you guys can handle) I would be happy to help out


I appreciate you coming over to show support :+1: That’s cool of you, thanks! :+1:


Always @grubby. I am happy that we can still be in contact mate was going to miss you for sure elsewhere.


Sometimes the roads have a split in em… I’m happy to take a different route if it leads to new things…


Hey @Grubby, good to see you again bud!


Mjag you legend! Thanks for coming over, good to see you too!!!


Once pugs let out you were here how could I stay away? Still loving your mothers milk by the way, no way I am ordering another bottle of the OG anymore :beers:


I just made another recipe that I’m sure you will enjoy, I will release it when things are more stable here :+1:


Welcome fellas :wink: …mornin Grub :+1: gonna post a review grub, I need Lolly to proofread it so I’ll put it up here first :wink: …see what happens…


What’s up? I am Tin and I am a man.


Good to see you, welcome to the forum :sunglasses:


Grubby! Glad to see you. We can resume swapping body part pics here? By PM of course? Or should we take our relationship to the next level and let the world know?


I don’t think @Lolly is ready for the truth :laughing:


I don’t think anyone in the world ever in the world ever…is ready for that level of truth…