A lot of people switching from Youtube to Rumble

Going to be spending some time here, to see what’s what.


I’m gonna check it out. It would be great to have another platform other than Youtube.


Rumble!!! :beers: :tada:

Free speech for Rumble!! Yeah… :rocket: :rofl:
I know a lot of my musician friends are headed over there too .


Isnt flagging this person’s opinion the same reason others are moving to those sites. ( free speech) ? There is nothing in this post that is rude in my opinion . I can see if this person was cussing and calling other members names or things like that , but there is none of that in the comment …


That’s an interesting situation for sure. While it is obviously important that opinions are not censored for obvious reasons it is also a serious bummer when a site becomes overwhelmed with political infighting. I’ve left sites for good periods of time just because there was nothing but that crap. I enjoy what goes on here. There are plenty of sites I can visit if I want to read up on the latest trauma drama political keyboard wars. I don’t miss not having it here. My perspective is that while other sites e.g. youtube, facebook, twitter, make decisions on what is truthful and not which is no doubt subject to scrutiny, and silence accordingly, here it’s just anything that promotes trauma drama. Somewhat of an equal opportunity monitoring.


A good number of folks are leaving YouBoob for Vimeo as well even though it is a pay for service. The difference in image quality is very apparent.


What surprised me is that you can make some money on Rumble.
If I had anything vid worthy, I would be smart and use what services would make me more $…

When youtube started with their censoring of vape products and promoters/inspirer type shadow banning and blocking, even removing those people… there had to be other options. Most people do like alternatives :slight_smile: